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Can You Freeze Green Onions? Here’s All You Should Know

When I was younger, if I was served a meal containing green onions, I would always push them to the side. Now, ironically, I find myself eating them almost every day!

You can only imagine how that came about, but one of the main reasons was because of the knockout combination green onions – otherwise known as scallions – offer.

Can You Freeze Green Onions. Make sure you write the date on the bag, so you remember when they will reach their expiration date. After that, put them in your freezer.

How Do You Use Frozen Green Onions?

Soups, stews, marinades, and sauces with green onions
in soups, stews, marinades, and sauces

When you freeze green onions, you change their texture. Due to this change in texture, it’s often not recommended to continue to eat them raw. This means that you should avoid eating them as part of salads, vegetable platters, on their own, and so forth.

Instead, you should continue to use your green onions in soups, stews, marinades (when grilled or cooked), and sauces.

Raw green onions, even after freezing, can be used as delicate finishing touches to meals. These meals can include soups or stews, meat dishes that are grilled or sautéed, and dips. Other examples are eggs that range from sunny side up to scrambled, potato salads, omelets, and side garnishes for hard-boiled eggs.

The versatility of these green onions is endless. They add extra color, flavor, and freshness to so many different meals. Another popular way to use them is on stir-fried vegetables and other similar meat dishes.

Since green onions’ strength of taste decreases when frozen, you can actually use them in a few baking dishes. From ​biscuits​ to cornbread and everything in between, green onions add a subtle punch and crunch to your baked goods (and your kids won’t even notice them!).

How Long Do Frozen Green Onions Last?

Green onions amongst other vegetables inside airtight containers inside the freezer
Up to 12 months

If you follow the previous steps, your frozen green onions will last in the freezer for 10-12 months​.

That being said, there is no actual expiration date on frozen green onions. The advised 10-12 months indicates the time where the green onions will be in ​ideal condition. ​

How To Thaw Green Onions

Green onions in a delicious hot soup
In your food or in the refrigerator overnight

Green onions will thaw as you cook them, so if you follow all 5 steps mentioned above, you can simply remove your preferred serving size of onions. Then, add them directly to whichever recipe you’ve decided to create.

The only other situation would be if your green onions were frozen whole; in that case, you’d be best to transfer them from your freezer to your fridge. Allow them to thaw overnight, and then use the green onions as desired.


Green onions are jam-packed with flavor and are a great addition to most hot meals. I remember when I first started adding onions into the pan with my proteins and realizing how much of a difference they made to the overall taste experience.

When it comes to freezing your onions, make no mistake, that if done correctly, they will be ready for consumption for a long time after they are frozen, but for now, enjoy them fresh.

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