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9 Best Wood Working Clamps for Your Wooden Projects

Now, we wouldn’t necessarily claim to be the most advanced woodworkers in the world, but we’ve definitely dabbled in enough projects to know that we’re getting quite good at it, if we do say so ourselves.

best Woodworking Clamps

We’ve been slowly saving up and collecting the right equipment since that’s a part of learning how to do things properly, but right now, we’re working with cheap, poor quality wood clamps that we could really use an upgrade from if we’re going to keep furthering our skills and making better and better things. That’s why we’ve been investing time into researching the best wood clamp options online and browsing the stats and reviews of all different brands, just to make sure we put our money down on the best-upgraded wood clamps that are within our budget.

What are the best wood clamps?

By the time we decided which kind we liked best, we had realized that we’d actually made quite a decent little list of recommendations, even in the models that we passed on for now.

Just in case you’ve also been in the market for upgraded wood clamps and might like to invest in a new set but could use a little bit of guidance in your own search, here are some of the best options we came across while we were choosing.

1. Irwin quick-grip clamps

Irwin quick grip clamps

Are you partially hoping to replace the wood clamps that you already have because the cheap materials they’re made from have actually left marks in a few projects that you had to tighten them quite hard on for stability? Then we think you’ll really appreciate more than one of the features in these quick-grip clamps made by Irwin!

Firstly, these clamps feature “non-marring pads,” which are soft inner pads that prevent exactly the marking problem you were having with your old clamps, only without reducing the stabilization or grip at all. The other biggest draw towards these clamps is the one-handed trigger that, upon simple release, clamps them down upon your wooden piece instantly but solidly.

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2. Bessey 3/4-inch H-style pipe clamps

Bessey 3:4 inch h style pipe clamps

Are you actually quite an experienced woodworker, and you’re looking for something even more solid and durable than what you saw above? Then perhaps you’d prefer the way these H-style pipe clamps sacrifice the ease of the model above for increased stabilization, thanks to Bessey Tools!

In contrast to what you’ve seen, these clamps actually lift your project up off the table, thanks to their pipe capabilities. This makes them ideal for things like gluing different shades of wooden slats together solidly but flush, evenly, and tightly in order to make the base of a stunning tabletop. The “jaws” of these clamps are padded just like before to prevent marking while they apply pressure.

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3. Housolution right-angled clamp

Houseolution right angled clamp

Are you absolutely in the market for a durable, professional quality clamp-like we’ve shown you, but you’re in need of something slightly different in the shape department? Well, if it’s corners that you’re hoping to create rather than flat top pieces like we showed you above, then we think you’ll get along much with something like this right-angled clamp from Housolution!

This strong and durable clamp is able to apply its hefty but non-damaging pressure thanks to the way it was cast of premium aluminum alloy. While a rotary jaw makes it possible to perfectly align the pieces you’re attaching to make an excellent right angle; the rubberized handle is kinder on your hands in tightening and loosening, making the whole tool easier to use.

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4. Bessey LM general-purpose clamp

Bessey lm general purpose clamp

Are you actually on the hunt for something a little more classic and affordable, just so that you have one more clamp to add to your current large project or replace a broken one? Well, if you’d like to just keep things simple, then we think you simply must take a look at this straightforward design from Bessey Tools!

These particular clamps, which can be purchased individually for convenience, are specifically made to be lightweight so that they are safe for use on more delicate projects. They’re also shaped so that, if the project is wide or large, you can fit many in one place without them interfering with one another. The clamps feature specially designed pads on their contact surfaces to avoid wood damage.

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5. Irwin quick-grip clamp 8-piece set

Irwin quick grip clamp 8 piece set

Are you actually scrolling through our list and still thinking about how much you liked the very first set of clamps you saw, but they weren’t the only kind you need? Well, if you’re also in the market for some simple and convenient handi clamps to go along with your bar clamps, then this next bundle is definitely the one for you, all thanks to Irwin!

Besides including four of the bar clamps we showed you above, this 8-pack also includes four handi clamps; two for projects that are quite thin and two for projects with more width or density. Each features protective anti-damage pads on their contact surfaces, and all four, like the first kind, are actually meant to be easily used with one hand for convenience.

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6. Workpro 16-piece nylon spring clamp set

Workpro 16 piece nylon spring clamp set

Maybe convenient, spring-loaded handi-clamps like the ones we showed you above are actually precisely the kind of clamps you’ve been looking for all along, but you’re in need of more than just two, preferably in all different sizes? Then maybe you’d get along better with this 16 piece bundle offered by Workpro!

These sturdy clamps are made from reinforced nylon, and their tips are lined with rubber pads that prevent wood marking. The bundle, which is wonderfully affordable, includes six 3-3/8″ clamps, four 4-1/2″ clamps, and four 6-1/2″ clamps. We like that these models are absolutely strong enough for woodworking but are also not so industrial that you can’t use them for other household needs too.

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7. Horusdy quick-jaw right-angled corner clamp

Horusdy quick jaw right angled corner clamp

Are you actually still in need of a corner style clamp like the one we showed you before, but you think you might benefit a little more from one that adjusts to more angle than just precisely 90 degree measured right angles? Then perhaps you’d get along a little better with something like this model from Horusdy.

Technically, this clamp actually is also a right-angled clamp, but because it’s much more adjustable on either end, with its dual handled design, it fits a wider range of shapes in a more diverse number of ways. Like the first one, it features rubber handles that are easy to grip and adjust. This model is also slightly more affordable and works as a workbench vice too!

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8. Luchuan 4-piece angle clamps set

Luchuan 4 piece angle clamps set

Did we really catch your attention with all this talk about right angles, but you’re actually in need of clamps that will help you establish these nice corners and edges… on different angles too? Well, if you need to freehand things on very simple projects a little more rather than just laying them flat, then we think you might have an easier time using these small-angle clamps offered by Luchuan!

This particular bundle comes in a convenient four-piece set, preparing you for essentially any project that has four corners. The little clamps also work very well for 45-degree angles (although they are adjustable to other measurements). Perhaps the best feature is that they’re specially designed to be worked with one hand, making them, convenient for use on busy jobs that require you to hold the pieces you’re clamping very steady.

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9. Powertec wooden hand screw clamp

Powertec wooden hand screw clamp

Have you actually been on the lookout for something a little more rugged and durable but in a way that’s more natural and classic than all these plastic one-handed designs? Then maybe you’d prefer to try out these wooden hand screw clamps from Powertec that are modeled after tried and true, old-fashioned technologies, only with upgraded and more durable materials and construction!

This particular seller offers a range of sizes and bundles that are all very reasonably priced but let you mix and match a little to make sure you really get the size and number of clamps you’re actually in need of. The handles of these clamps are both non-stick in the way they rotate and non-slip in how they can be gripped, making them very simple indeed to use.

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