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Here Are The 10 Best Utility Knives For DIY Enthusiasts in 2023

When it comes to being a homeowner, or even just running a household that you rent, it’s amazing how many odd jobs you find yourself needing a sharp tool for. The same can be said for being a crafter or DIY enthusiast, and sometimes scissors just won’t do. That’s why we’ve been on the hunt lately for a good utility knife! We want something we can use in either context, without issue.

Best utility knife

By the time we were done bookmarking options in my online shopping forays for such a knife, we realized we’d compiled a veritable list of good recommendations, even in the ones we didn’t select in the end. We figured we’d might as well share them so other people can see what’s out there too! Check out these 10 best utility knives that we came across in our search.

Best Utility Knives

Let’s see which are the best utility knives you can get to help you in your DIY projects.

1. Gerber EAB Lite Pocket Knife

Gerber eab lite pocket knife

If we’re being honest, size is a huge consideration when it comes to something we must use deftly but have to be very careful with. You see, the issues is that we have rather small hands! That doesn’t mean we can’t have a full-sized knife, of course; we just need something with good shape, a solid handle and a modest size.

That’s why we liked this particular knife from Gerber so much! The design is specifically designed to be light and easy to wield, and we like that that’s reflected in the price. The blade is strong and easily replaced and the handle is made from durable stainless steel, making it fit to use in all kinds of circumstances.


  • Easily replaceable blade.
  • Foldable, so you can keep it with you.


  • The blade doesn’t lock when closed.
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2. Stanley 10-099 6 in Classic 99 Retractable Utility Knife

Stanley 10 099 6 in classic 99 retractable utility knife

If you’re going to invest in a utility knife, would you rather have the slightly less hardware based and slightly more classic kind that bears a retractable blade? We can understand that; the kinds with a folding blade can be a little risky to open and close depending on how loose or stiff their hinges are.

That’s why this particular retractable utility knife from Stanley caught our eye! It’s simple, affordable, comes with three blades, and guarantees a solid locking into place so that the blade you’re using doesn’t slide back into the handle when you’re applying pressure in use.


  • Three-position retractable blade.
  • Blade gets stored in the body of the knife.


  • Handling the knife can be a bit difficult.
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3. Alltrade 150003 Auto-Loading Squeeze Utility Knife

Alltrade 150003 auto loading squeeze utility knife

Do you love the idea of a retractable blade but you’re still convinced that you need something a little more durable and heavy duty than what you saw above? Then we think you’ll very much appreciate the design and materiality of this utility knife fromAlltrade!

It’s a small touch more expensive than what you’ve seen so far, but not so much that the price isn’t worth the features it bears. The main difference here is that the thing stopping the knife from retracting when you apply pressure is a squeeze handle, kind of like rotary cutters, giving you a little more control. There is, of course, also a locking button for ease.


  • Very durable.
  • Super quick to swap out blades.


  • Pushing the button to retract the blade can be challenging.
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4. Heavy Duty Klein Tools 44133 Utility Knife

Heavy duty utility knife, retractable, adjustable, with wire stripper, klein kurve handle klein tools 44133

Are you still in the market for a retractable knife with a little more durability to it but you’re not sure that a squeeze handle is the design you want to go with? Then we’d definitely suggest browsing the details of this design fromKlein Tools for a moment!

In addition to being durably designed, this knife is extremely convenient when it comes to blade changing. Not only can dull blades be changed safely and extremely quickly in just a few clicks, but the knife actually has storage in its handle for spare blades so you can change them on the go if necessary. It holds up to six spare blades at a time! This design gets bonus points for having a wire stripping feature near its head where it doesn’t get in the way until you need it.


  • You can strip wires with it.
  • Internal blade storage is big enough for six blades.


  • They’re not very durable.
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5. WORKPRO Quick-Change Utility Knife, Wood Grain Handle Lock-Back Work Folding Knife with Clip

Workpro quick change utility knife, wood grain handle lock back work folding knife with clip

Are you actually still scrolling through our list thinking about how you’d very much like to get a folding knife design rather than a retractable one, but you can’t help feeling like the previous option we showed you was lacking some small detail? Then we’d encourage you to take a look at this design fromWorkpro instead!

In actuality, this knife foldsand retracts, making it especially safe and also easier to store. What’s even better is that this particular knife has a clip on it so you can attach it to your belt or tool pouch for convenient storing while you’re working that keeps it on hand and accessible.


  • The handle has an anti-slip grip for more security.
  • You can easily change the blades.


  • The quick-change lock loosens up in time.
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6. Milwaukee 48-22-1903 Fastback 3 Utility Knife

Milwaukee 48 22 1903 fastback 3 utility knife with 4 blade storage, wire stripping compartment, and gut hook

Have you felt quite enthusiastic about a number of the options you’ve seen so far but you’re having trouble choosing between the features? In that case, we think you might get along a little better with a design like this one fromMilwaukee.

This particular knife has a durable all-metal body and space for the storage of four spare blades. It also has a wire stripper, a belt hook, and even a hole that you could put a lanyard through. It’s as convenient in its features as it is hardy in its materiality.


  • Features a gut hook, wire stripper, and a belt clip.
  • You can store up to 4 blades.


  • You can accidentally hit the release button while using it.
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7. Irwin Tools FK150 1858319 Folding Utility Knife with Blade Storage

Irwin tools fk150 1858319 folding utility knife with blade storage

Have you actually been scrolling through our list thinking about how much you liked the concept of a utility knife that both foldsand retracts, but you’d like to see more than one such design? Then here’s another one for your consideration!

This knife from Irwin has an efficiently hinged folding action for easy storage, but also a retracting blade to keep things as safe as possible when it’s not being used. It’s a mid-price product, more affordable than the one above but about on par with the other design we showed you that had both foldingand retracting capabilities. It also has a convenient wire stripper.


  • It’s easy to fold.
  • You can store two extra blades in the body.


  • The belt clip is non-removable, which can be annoying for some users.
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8. Stanley 10-777 FatMax Locking Retractable Utility Knife

Stanley 10 777 fatmax locking retractable utility knife

Perhaps you’re still feeling rather interested in the idea of using a retractable utility knife but you’re also just not feeling sold on how steadfast the blades in some of these previous designs will stay and you know that you can be quite hard on your tools? Then we think you might get along a little better with a design like this one fromStanley.

This knife has an ergonomic, comfortable handle that’s easy to grip. It also provides space for spare blades to be conveniently stored, and features a strong locking button that keeps the retractable blade in place, even when you apply pressure. Despite its good quality and strength, it’s actually one of the most affordable options and it comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Great ergonomic design.
  • Adjustable thumb-dial locking wheel that’s super easy to use.


  • The locking wheel doesn’t turn very easily.
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9. Outdoor Edge Slidewinder Utility Knife

Outdoor edge slidewinder utility knife

Are you actually looking for a design that’s much smaller but not devoid of strength, perhaps like something you’d take camping? Then we can certainly understand wanting something a little smaller and thinner but still with all the strength of the other designs, somewhat like this utility knife from Outdoor Edge.

Compared to some of the other knives designed for housework and keeping in toolkits, this knife is quite simplified in its features. It’s sized to slide easily into a pocket and the blade locks into place well in the durable handle, despite its smaller size.


  • Very tiny.
  • Can also act as a screwdriver, prybar, bottle opener, and so on.


  • The safety button doesn’t last very long through many blade changes.
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10. acetek Utility Knife Box Cutter

Acetek utility knife box cutter,

Did we hit the nail on the head when we mentioned a simplified design, but you’re convinced you’ll be fine with something a little more classic than the awesome camping option you saw above? Well, this particular knife is a bit like a modernized version of the trusty old utility knife your dad probably had while you were growing up.

acetek offers you great safety and durability around the mechanism of a super easy quick-change blade. The box even comes with ten spare blades right off the bat, and you can get replacements from the company in a refill pack for a totally reasonable price.


  • Good price and replacement blades are also affordable.
  • Very durable.


  • The blade doesn’t fit fully in the body of the knife, which may be inconvenient to many users.
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