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The 15 Best Sewing Kits to Have at Home in 2023

Have you ever looked down in the middle of the day, right before you were about to walk into a job interview or something else important, and realized a button on your shirt was missing? Those are always the situations in which we wish we had an emergency sewing kit on us, but we’ve never owned a good quality one despite all our years as DIY lovers.

Best sewing kits

Recently, we decided to remedy that situation! We hopped online in search of more info and guidance in terms of what’s in all the best compact, travel-friendly sewing kits and who makes the ones with the really good cases. We were actually pleasantly surprised to learn more about just how many options there are out there, as well as just how many super useful things they contain that we’ve actually found ourselves needing before.

Best Sewing Kits for Home

We couldn’t help feeling like we’re not the only ones who needed this information, so we compiled a list of our 15 favourite options in order to help others consider which sewing kit might be best for them as well. Check them out!

1.Coquimbo Sewing Kit for Travelers

Coquimbo sewing kit for travelers

Have you ever been on the road and realized that your good work shirt is missing a button or the seam in your jacket has ripped? Tell, a sewing kit is undoubtedly the best way to prepare for something like that, but it’s hard to keep everything you might feasibly need on hand in a way that’s space-efficient. That’s why this travelers’ kit from Coquimbo is such a great idea!

Besides having miniature versions of just about anything you could need for a quick fix, the kit also comes in a case that has a specific place for each thing, all held together with convenient and easy-to-use elastic straps. This stops your supplies from shaking around and getting jumbled in your bag. The best part? The whole thing only costs $7.


  • Set features different colored threads, scissors, thimble, sewing needles, and so on.
  • Comes in a closed box for safety.


  • Thread quality is something some users complained about
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2.XL Sewing Supplies for DIY Beginners

Xl sewing supplies for diy beginners

Are you quite intrigued indeed by this idea of having a little kit that you can keep your basic sewing supplies in, but actual fabric work and hand stitching aren’t the only kind of DIY thing you’re dabbling in at a beginner level? In that case, we think you might find this slightly larger and more diverse kit from WeeCosy a little more your speed!

Besides having a wider range of thread and all the pins, safety pins, sewing needles, trimming scissors, and measuring tapes that you saw before, this particular kit also boasts darning needles, stitch markers for knitting, and even a crochet hook. You’ll be fully prepared to repair all kinds of thingsand practice some of your other DIY based skills any time you need!


  • The set includes multi-colored threads, plenty of sewing needles, scissors, safety pins, tape measure, ad other accessories you’ll need.
  • Comes in a convenient carrier bag.


  • Not all items in the set are the same top quality
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3.MissLytton Sewing Kit Box

Misslytton sewing kit box

Rather than looking for the kind of sewing kit that you might keep in your suitcase or have on hand in your crafting bag, would you rather find something that would make a nice gift for another beginner or look cute sitting near your favourite chair to sit in when you work on needlepoint? Then we think this well stocked wooden box from Miss Lytton might be a little more up your alley!

The things the box boasts are still mostly in miniature and it’s by no means the only resource you’ll need for every sewing project, but it’s a good starter kit for beginners and certainly has convenient things in it that will make your life easier if you have them on hand.


  • This is a set that looks marvelous, as it comes in a wooden box.
  • It features two dozen threads, scissors, tape, threader, safety pins, sewing needles, and more.


  • It’s a bit more expensive than other sets we have listed.
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4. ARTIKA Sewing Kit

Artika sewing kit

Have you long been on the hunt for a slightly more thorough sewing kit that will kickstart the kind of ongoing, more professional kit you hope to build over time as your skills improve? Well, particularly if you love working in all kinds of colours, then we think you simply must take a look at this well stocking zipping case from ARTIKA!

The things that made this kit stand out to us were the pure range of coloured thread (the kit boasts an impressive total of 38 options) and also the inclusion of three different sewing machine feet. This makes it another awesome gift option for beginners, since not every sewing machine comes with several different feet unless you purchase them separately.


  • Features pins, some 20 threads, safety pins, scissors, threader, sewing needles, tape, and even some buttons.
  • The set comes in a cute zip-up case.


  • Thread spools are pretty small, which is something that made some users unhappy.
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5. Sewing KIT Premium Repair Set

Sewing kit premium repair set

Are you a slightly more professional sewing enthusiast who actually makes pieces for other people, so you’ve been tempted by the idea of travel-sized sewing kit for when you attend fittings with clients, but you’re still in the market for one that’s a little better equipped? Then we’d suggest adding this piece from VelloStar to your list for consideration.

Rather than just being called a “premium” design for the sake of marketing, it actually has a full range of full-sized supplies inside. Sure, that makes it slightly larger to carry, but it’s not meant to be a pocket-sized repair kit and we like that. Perhaps one of the most interesting features, but one that we could totally see ourselves using, is the inclusion of a pair of nail clippers right in the middle!


  • Comes with large thread spools, sturdy scissors, sewing needles, tape, threaders, and other accessories.
  • Kit comes in a cute case that has an outer pocket for any extra things you have to store.


  • Threads aren’t that easy to unravel.
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6. Simthread Machine Embroidery Kit

Simthread machine embroidery kit

Rather than looking for a fully stocked sewing kit of needles, pins, and other notions, are you actually hoping to find a somewhat complete collection of embroidery threads in all kinds of colours, packaged together in one neat place? Then we think you’ll love the way Simthread offers precisely that all together in a convenient boxed carrying case!

This kit is a beautiful gift from beginners or an awesome restock for those who want to keep other colours besides their neutral staples on hand in a way that’s manageable and organized. We love the way they include a colour chart, as well as tiered inserts that help you keep things organized the same way they’re mapped out on said chart.


  • The machine embroidery thread set comes with over 60 colored threads.
  • The set features sturdy spools with lots of thread on them, all in a transparent plastic storage box.


  • Storage box is a bit flimsy.
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7. VelloStar Fashion Emergency Kit

Vellostar fashion emergency kit

Are you still thinking about the idea of having a little emergency repair kit on hand like we talked about earlier for travelers but you’re not actually usually a person who packs up into a suitcase, and you’re looking for something convenient but a little less compact? In that case, we’re pretty sure this well-stocked but still pared down zipping kit from VelloStar will be a little more up your alley.

In fact, this kit was literally designed with workplace fashion emergencies in mind! It’s shaped so that it fits well in a desk drawer in your office and it includes a range of colors that might feasibly be found in professional clothing like suits and blouses. It’s the kind of thing that you might not always need, but that you’ll be thankful to have stashed away when a rip or tear threatens your ability to look your best right before an important meeting.


  • Super affordable trael sewing kit.
  • Comes with numerous threads, plenty of safety pins, sewing pins, measuring tape, thimble, and other accessories.


  • Sewing string isn’t very durable.
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8. Mom’s Mini Sewing Kit

Mom's mini sewing kit

Are you actually the go-to person in your family or friend group for quick-fix clothing alterations and repairs, so you’re looking for a cute travel-sized sewing kit you can keep on hand, but one that’s still well stocked enough to be useful? Then we think you might be the kind of person that Sew Craft Cook had in mind when they made this one!

Perhaps our favorite part of this particular kit is that they kept even more needs in mind without taking up much more space by including iron-on denim patches like your mom might have fixed the knees of your jeans with once upon a time, as well as iron-on hem-tape.


  • Super compact travel sewing kit.
  • Features measuring tape, iron-on hem tape, iron-on denim patches, loads of thread spools, scissors, safety pins, and many other accessories.


  • Thread quality is something some buyers complained about.
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9. ARTIKA Emergency Sewing Kit

Artika emergency sewing kit

Are you the kind of adventurous person who loves taking road trips, long car rides, and spontaneous days away with your family but you often find you run into bumps along the road where a sewing kit would be very helpful indeed? Then we’d suggest thinking about keeping one like this emergency sewing kit from ARTIKA in your car!

In fact, this kit was created with all kinds of scenarios in mind, including camping. That’s why it has one of the best quality pairs of scissors you’ve probably seen so far in any of these kits, as well as some useful durable plastic clothespin style clips that could save you in all kinds of different situations on the road. It’s also small enough to fit in the glove compartment or a back seat pocket.


  • Good-sized traveling sewing kit with multicolored spools, sewing needs in multiple sizes, scissors, safety pins, tape measure, and more.
  • Great for beginners.


  • Thread gets tangled easily and needle loops are a bit small.
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10. XL Premium Sewing Kit

Xl premium sewing kit

Just in case you’ve been looking for a kit of basics that you really will get plenty of use out of but you’re willing to deal with a larger sized case because you want to keep it at home, here’s one from Inscraft that’s slightly more comprehensive in its supplies list!

The standout things included in this lit that caught our eye the best were the variegated colour thread spools that are great for repairing multicoloured fabrics more subtly, as well as the sewing machine bobbins, which usually have to be purchased specifically or come with the machine itself, rather than being considered in last minute emergency kits like this.


  • pretty complete sex, with over 40 thread spools, loads of sewing needles, sturdy scissors, and other accessories.
  • Comes in a cute case.


  • Thread is a bit thin, so may break.
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11. Brightly Coloured Threads Travel Sewing Kit

Brightly coloured threads travel sewing kit

Have you actually see quite a number of kits by this point that you could feasibly get along with quite well but you’re also the kind of person who exclusively works with and wears very cheerful, intense colours and you’re just not sure any of the other kits you’ve seen have measured up in that regard as far as their included threads are concerned? Then check out this listing from Le Paon!

Besides giving you a much more saturated and brightly coloured range of shades as far as the threads are concerned, this particular kit also gives you larger scissors that we would honestly find useful inall kinds of scenarios besides just doing some last minute sewing repairs.


  • The kit features 48 small spools of thread, a couple of threaders, a few sewing needles, buttons, and other accessories.
  • Comes with a cute case.


  • Kit is smaller than may seem in pictures.
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12. BENECREAT Sewing & Knitting Tools Kits

Benecreat sewing & knitting tools kits

By now, we’ve shown you quite a few sewing kit options that would be useful for more than just sewing, but this particular design from BENECREAT is actuallyspecifically designed to help both sewing enthusiastsand avid knitters keep their most needed notions on hand conveniently.

Rather than having simply some stitch markers and a crochet hook added into the mix of what you’d normally find in a sewing kit, this zipping case also gives you darning needles, a wider range of buttons (and more of them), and a better quality measuring tape, which are all things you’ll use in sewing and knitting alike.


  • Features lots of colored thread spools, pearl pins, safety pins, as well as dozens of buttons for all your emergencies.
  • Also comes with crochet hooks and a needle cushion.


  • Threads are a bit thin.
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13. Happy Trees Mini Sewing Kit for Travel

Happy trees mini sewing kit for travel

These slightly more comprehensive kits are all well and good if sewing is something that you do very often, but when you said that you were looking for a miniature travellers’ sewing kit, did youreally meanminiature? In that case, you just might be the perfect person for something like this little emergency travel box from Happy Trees!

This kit sticks to the absolute basics so as to no waste your time with things that you, as a person who doesn’t actually do needlework on a regular basis, simply won’t use. They give you convenient snips rather than full sized scissors, only some of the most commonly used colours of thread, and just a few pins and needles since you probably won’t find yourself in a state of sewing emergencythat often. We love the compact little case it all fits perfectly into as well!

  • Mini sewing kit in plastic container.
  • Comes with a few basic thread colors, sewing needles, scissors, and a few other small accessories.
  • Super affordable.


  • May be harder to take with you due to the shape of the case.
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14. VILONG Wooden Sewing Basket

Vilong wooden sewing basket

Have we actually still got you thinking about how much you loved the idea of a well equipped but miniature sewing notionsbox rather than a zipping kit? Then we think you’ll appreciate this design from VILONG that’s a little more old fashioned looking, but in presentation only!

Perhaps it’s the etching of the horse drawn carriage on the top, but something about this kit reminds us of the kind of sewing box our grandmother might have kept on the side table near her knitting chair when we were kids. It’s well stocked enough for emergencies and beginners and we think it would make a lovely gift for someone just starting out in practicing their needlework skills.


  • Beautiful wooden storage box.
  • Features lots of threads, needles, scissors, measuring tape, and other accessories you’ll need.


  • Difficult to carry with you due to the box, but will work great at home.
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15. D&D Small Sewing Basket

D&d small sewing basket

Have we still got you thinking about the idea of snagging a sewing kit that looks a little more classic perhaps, rather than actually old fashioned, but you’re also looking for something fun and simple enough to give to a child who’s only just starting out in the world of simple hand stitching? In that case, we have a feeling this little sewing basket design from D&D might be a little more along the lines of what you’re looking for!

The inside of this kit comes with everything you’ve seen in the other kits aimed at beginners, but displayed in a way that’s a little more accessible concentrating on ease rather than compactness meant for travel. It features a removable tray that helps keeps the inside organized and its cute pattern feels inviting rather than intimidating for learners.


  • Super cute storage box in the shape of a basket.
  • Features threads, scissors, needles, tape measure, seam ripper, needle threader, and a small pin cushion.


  • Despite the size of the basket, there’s a lot less space than you’d think.
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Do you know another DIY and sewing enthusiast who has had their eyes peeled for a quality sewing kit lately too? Share this post with them so they have all kinds of options and information to consider!