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The 9 Best Portable Work Benches for Your Workshop in 2023

We might not be the most professional woodworkers or carpenters in the world, but we do our fair share of handiwork-based housework from our garage, and we’re not afraid to invest in decent pieces to help us along the way when we need to.

Best portable work benches

Recently, we realized that the projects we take on would be a lot easier if we had a decent workbench to complete them on, but we’re not frequent enough handiworks with space enough to spare to justify purchasing a full-sized wall-length bench that would fill up, say, the whole end of the garage. That’s why we’ve been scouring the Internet for quality miniature benches that are portable and versatile enough to be moved around but still give us what we need.

Best Portable Work Benches

We actually found so many great options that we basically compiled a recommendations list before we even chose the one we wanted! We really like when other people post the options they looked at when they’re investing in something new, so we decided to share the workbenches we found here. Check out the nine best home workbenches that we came across in our search!

1. BLACK+DECKER BDST11000 Workmate Workbench

Black+decker bdst11000 workmate workbench

Even though you’re not a full carpenter, do you find yourself doing quite hands-on work here and there that takes a toll on your tools and supplies and involves a lot of pressure? Then we think you’ll need something like this design fromBlack + Decker!

The biggest appeal of this particular model is its ability to bear weight, which means it can bear the weight of your project, your own weight, and likely the weight of any pressure you could possibly apply over the course of a home project. It can take up to 550 lbs! Additionally, it features simple, quick clamps and is easy to fold and carry, even if you only have one hand free.


  • Sturdy bench that can hold a lot of weight.
  • Great quality.


  • Needs a bit of extra strength to fold it.
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2. Performance Tool W54025 Portable Multipurpose Workbench and Vise

Performance tool w54025 portable multipurpose workbench and vise

Are you quite interested in some of the features the previous design had, but you’re working on more of a budget than that particular design allows for? Then we think you might get along a little better with something like this model from Performance Tool.

For just over $30, this workbench offers you not just a weight-bearing surface for up to 200 lbs, but also a vice feature in the center for holding pieces you’re working on steady and still while you work. As if that’s not already great, this piece also folds up impressively small, which makes it easier to store.


  • Portable and sturdy.
  • The bench holds up a lot of weight.


  • The work surface is a bit small.
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3. Keter Folding Table Work Bench For Woodworking Tools & Accessories with Clamps

Keter folding table work bench for woodworking tools & accessories with clamps

Were you quite impressed by the weight-bearing capacity of the first option we showed you, but you’d actually much prefer one that can bear even more weight, just in case? Then we’re pretty sureKeter has just the model for you.

This particular, very durable model can actually bear up to 1000 lbs of weight or pressure. Part of the reason for this strength is that the piece is made from an extremely solid reinforced resin. Rather than coming with its own vice, this package includes two strong 12 inch clips for holding projects and pieces in place.


  • The stand includes tools and accessories, like wood clamps.
  • It’s durable and strong.


  • The table is not necessarily the most stable.
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4. WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table and Sawhorse with Quick Clamps and Holding Pegs

Worx pegasus multi function work table and sawhorse with quick clamps and holding pegs

Do you actually have a full workbench already for bearing the weight and storage of most of your projects and tools, but you’re looking for an additional surface for at least a few things? Then we’d suggest taking a look at this bench from Worx!

The main draw of this particular model of workbench, besides its durability and the ease with which it collapses for discreet storage, is the fact that it was specifically built to be a saw horse as well with just one quick fold. The way its legs lock into position for security is lauded well in its reviews too.


  • The work table folds to allow more space.
  • Can hold up to 1000 Lbs.


  • The rubber clamping surface allows too much wiggle.
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5. Keter Folding Compact Adjustable Workbench Sawhorse

Keter folding compact adjustable workbench sawhorse

Are you feeling very enthusiastic indeed about this idea of a workbench that can also be quickly folded into a sawhorse, but you like to consider your options and look at all kinds of things before making a decision? Then we’d encourage you to take a look at this bench from Keter as well.

This bench holds a solid 700 lbs, an impressive weight, but it also gives you a nicely customizable experience thanks to the way its legs extend solidly for more or less length in order to give you a range of heights. This bench is also one of the only designs that features a sturdy carrying handle to make it particularly portable once you’ve folded it up.


  • Has a 700 lb capacity.
  • Can be adjusted between 30.3″ to 34.2″.


  • The plastic doesn’t seem very durable.
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6. WORX WX066 Sidekick Portable Work Table

Worx wx066 sidekick portable work table

Are you much less concerned with the ability to turn your workbench into a sawhorse, and instead, you’re looking for simply an additional surface that you can use in your handiwork projects and move around as you need? Then we think this design from Worx might be a little more beneficial for you.

This table has several desirable features that make it unique. Firstly, the feet of its metal legs each have their own silicone covers to prevent slipping as you work. When you want to store the piece, the tabletop turns into a carrying case that the rest of the table folds and collapses down into. Finally, the pack this table is a part of features four sturdy clamps.


  • Super portable.
  • Quite affordable.


  • The legs feel a bit flimsy.
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7. Safstar Multipurpose Workbench Workshop Tool Storage Tabletop Workstation

Safstar multipurpose workbench workshop tool storage tabletop workstation

Have you actually been hoping to find an option thatis a little more like the permanent garage workbenches we talked about previously, rather than just the collapsible and portable kind you’ve seen so far? Then maybe this design from S Afstar will appeal to you.

The great appeal of this workbench is that it’s full-sized and gives you lots of space to work with, like the classic design, but it’s not so clunky and grandiose as the old-fashioned handmade wooden ones you might have seen adults have when you were a kid. It’s a simple, useful workstation that lets you store your tools on a pegboard and in a drawer without sprawling so deep and wide that suddenly there’s no more room in your garage for your car.


  • Features ample storage.
  • Comes with a sliding organizer drawer.


  • Assembly instructions are fairly small.
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8. WORX Clamping Sawhorse Pair with Bar Clamps, Built-in Shelf, and Cord Hooks

Click image to open expanded view video worx clamping sawhorse pair with bar clamps, built in shelf and cord hooks

Is the sawhorse-turned workbench idea that we’ve talked quite a lot about so far actually the most appealing to you, but you’re tempted to buy two of them since you use saw horses quite often? Well, thanks to this design fromWorx, you won’t actually have to do that!

Instead, check out the way this package features a double saw horse feature that, with the addition of a separate piece n top, turns into a workbench easy, clicking into place over both peaked pieces underneath. When everything is clipped into place, and the included clamps are put to good use, this thermoplastic polymer material can bear up to 1000 lbs, just like the resin design.


  • Sawhorse pair can hold up to 1000 lbs.
  • Only weight 4 lbs each.


  • The material can become brittle easily.
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9. Giantex Step Stool Folding Step Ladder Portable Work Bench

Click image to open expanded view giantex step stool folding step ladder portable work bench

Have you actually got more of a need for a multi-purpose surface and stable piece that you can use for all kinds of things in your garage and during your handiwork, rather than something that turns specifically into, saw, a sawhorse? Then we’d suggest taking a look at what Giantex has to offer!

Technically, this low but durable metal piece is actually a stool. Because of its non-slip feet, gripping top, and folding portability, however, it also makes a great temporary but supplementary work surface for all manner of handiwork-based home projects.


  • Portable workbench.
  • Non-skid rubber platform for stability.


  • Safety latch can break in time. .
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Do you know another woodworking and handiwork enthusiast who has been wanting to invest in a new portable workbench but who could use a little helping making their choice? Share this post with them to give them a little more guidance!