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The Best Epoxy Resin for Wood, Crafts, Art and Jewelry (2023)

If you’ve never tried crafting with epoxy resin before then, we’re very sorry indeed to tell you that you’ve been missing out on something interesting, versatile, and a whole lot of fun.

The Best Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin is the clear hardening material that you’ve probably seen used in all different manners, but that many beginner crafting enthusiasts often feel intimidated by because it truly involves creating something solid and fully formed completely from scratch using liquids.

What is the best epoxy resin?

Although it’s not especially difficult to make most epoxy resin projects once you’ve had a little bit of practice, itcan be a little bit tricky to get used to and also to shop for if you’re new to the technique. That’s partially why we’ve decided to collect a range of different high-quality epoxy resin bundles offered by various companies, brands, and sellers and gather them in one place for some simple comparing and contrasting.

Feel free to browse this list of nine great epoxy resin kits, bundles, and offers that we’ve studied the pros and cons of in hopes that it will help people choose the option that’s truly the best fit for them.

1. Skogfe epoxy resin coating kit

Skogfe epoxy resin coating kit

Unlike some more industrial-grade epoxy resin mixtures, this kit from Skogfe is specifically intended for hobby crafting, making it a friendlier choice for beginners. Where some brands are prone to yellowing with time, this one is formulated to remain “crystal clear.” It was also mixed with a slightly larger than the average working window in mind, giving you 40 minutes to mold or smooth rather than drying in you immediately and affecting your finished product. It’s also a particularly smooth formula that’s intended to dry level, smooth, and free of air bubbles, unlike some mixtures that require a large amount of manual smoothing.

This kit comes stocked with rubber gloves, wooden stir sticks, and little disposable cups for safe mixing, but once they’re used up, you’ll need to restock or find alternatives. The amount of epoxy resin provided isn’t necessarily equal to the number or size of containers you give for mixing, depending on what you’re making.

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2. Bloombee clear epoxy resin

Bloombee clear epoxy resin

Bloombee offers an epoxy resin that is bottled in a slightly larger quantity (which accounts for the slightly higher price, but in a reasonable way), but that is also formulated to dry with a particularly impressive high gloss finish. This makes it useful for making beautiful jewelry and decor pieces, but particularly effective as a finishing seal. Besides the stir sticks, which can easily be replaced with kids’ popsicle sticks, the bonus gloves and mixing beakers are reusable, which is eco-friendly.

While the reusability of the gloves and beakers is a green choice, it also means they require some extra care in use. You’ll want to rinse carefully and wash them rather quickly, or the epoxy resin will stick and won’t wash out past that small window before drying begins. Because the two components are chemicals, you’ll also want to keep them set aside separately, so they don’t get used for anything else; the residual epoxy inside could be harmful to the user or whatever they’re doing, and what they put inside could also interfere with your mixture the next time you use them for epoxy resin again.

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3. Colour Master mica powder epoxy resin dye

Colour master mic powder epoxy resin dye

We know that the point of this post is primarily to look at epoxy resin mixture options, but these offers from Color Master were simply too fun not to include. These brightly colored epoxy resin dyes are actually mica powder-based and also work well in nail art, soap making, and many other DIY realms. The pigments mix smoothly into epoxy resin and show well through its transparency when the mix has hardened.

While it’s great that you get such a wide range of colors since they’re sold in a bundle of 30, there will undoubtedly be a few pigments you’re not really a huge fan of and might not use, and there is no option for selecting specific colors and leaving others out.

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4. Dr Crafty crystal clear epoxy resin

Dr crafty crystal clear epoxy resin

If you’re already an avid epoxy resin crafter with a little more experience under your belt, but you’re looking for larger quantities that will give you a better bang for your buck than re-buying the smaller kits so often, we think you’ll do well with this one-gallon duo from Dr Crafty. They throw in reusable stir sticks and mixing beakers and provide you with precise amounts of their 1:1 ratio formula for easy use and precise mixing, preventing you from running out of one component before the other.

Rather than being self-leveling, however, this mix is geared more towards being very crystal clear. This is great, as are their tips about the benefits of using a heat fun on their product, but you will need to do that in order to get the mix to be 100% air bubble-free. The bundle is also much more expensive than what you’ve seen so far, which makes sense given the increase in quantity but will be a big consideration on some people’s budget.

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5. The Epoxy Resin Store premium quality clear epoxy resin

The epoxy resin store premium quality clear epoxy resin

If your DIY goals are a little larger and face potential wear and tear or weathering, then we think you’ll need a more industrial-grade product, like this offer from The Epoxy Resin Store. Their product is formulated with large quantity needs and big, practical projects like tabletop or floor sealing in mind (although itcan also be used for making smaller trinkets). It’s hardy and resistant, and also not one for air bubbling badly. This mixture is also food safe, making it good for glossing tabletops.

Keep in mind that the fine print of this offer says that the quantity is one gallontotal, between the two bottles, andnot one galloneach. Your epoxy and your resin are eachhalf a gallon, which is an important distinction to make, especially if you’re planning a large project like sealing a floor.

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6. Amazing Clear Cast alumilite clear coating and casting resin

Amazing clear cast alumilite clear coating and casting resin

Just in case you’re still looking for a product that’s small in quantity, friendly to beginners, and much more affordable, here’s a great kit fromAmazing Clear Cast that’s geared once again towards smaller projects and hobby crafters rather than industrial use. Because this brand also sells molds in various sizes and level of detail, their epoxy resin is formulated specifically for strength even in small, delicate pieces, making it ideal for jewelry or model making because the little pieces are less likely to break when you remove the finished piece from the mold.

The quantity makes sense with the affordable price, but be aware that each bottle in this pack only contains eight fluid ounces, meaning you might be in need of replacements quite quickly if you try the technique out and turn out to be a total enthusiast.

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7. Dr Crafty full clear epoxy resin kit

Dr crafty full clear epoxy resin kit

Just in case you liked the sound of the product itself when we analyzed the previousDr Crafty offer, but you’re just not in need of an entire gallon of epoxy resin just yet, here’s a slightly smaller bundle that will still give you quite a number of uses. In this kit, each bottle contains 14oz for a total of 32oz to use. You’ll also receive not only a packet of stir sticks and two mixing cups but a smoothing too that will help you get an even surface in your flat sealing projects.

Just like the first bundle from this brand that we showed you, the mixture isn’t necessarily the most air bubble-free, even though it dries wonderfully clear. Keep that in mind, as they do encourage you to use it in combination with a heat gun for really perfect results, and not everyone has one of those casually on hand!

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8. Art Resin one gallon epoxy resin

Art resin one gallon epoxy resin

If you’re primarily interested in purchasing epoxy resin so that you can create beautiful things with your kids (in a very supervised manner, of course), then we think you might get along best with this formula fromArt Resin that’s specifically intended for artistic projects. The main draw here, besides that it’s not flammable (which is a feature most providers guarantee now), is that this mixture is actually alsofume free, which is preferable if you’re working with kids around.

Now, you should understand that just because the mix is fume-free does not mean it won’t still have a rather strong smell. It simply means that working with this mix won’t cause you to feel lightheaded and won’t be harmful to your breathing like some industrial-grade epoxies can be. This one-gallon offer, like before, is also one gallon total, with each bottle containing half a gallon.

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9. HXDZFX epoxy resin coating with resin and hardener

Hxdzfx epoxy resin coaing with resin and hardener

If your plan is to use pigments and other color changes in your resin projects, then we think this mixture from HXDZFX might be right up your alley. Although itis guaranteed to dry crystal clear, this brand specifically tested their epoxy resin to ensure that it works with all kinds of pigments and colorants because they also sell a wide variety of these and wanted to confirm without a doubt that their whole line works in combination. This formula even works with glow-in-the-dark pigments! The color payoff and smooth blend-ability are just as effective whether you’re making tiny or larger projects with it.

This particular formula has been proven non-toxic, but don’t let that label fool you into thinking that you don’t have to wear gloves or take scent into account if you very smell sensitive. Epoxy resin still has a strong smell and will still likely irritate your skin, even when it’s in its safest to use form.

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Epoxy resin quick guide

What is epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin is a clear mixture of two curing products that work together to create a sort of liquid plastic that one can mold into myriad shapes or cover countless things like a protective layer over something else to seal or preserve it. When epoxy resin dries (which can take up to ten hours), it is quite hard and durable and usually clear or transparent.

The epoxy portion of the mix is a hardening agent that helps it dry, and the resin component is an adhesive that allows the mixture to stick smoothly to things.

How is epoxy resin used?

To use epoxy resin, you’ll combine the two components in order to get the benefits of each together and in action. Epoxy can be difficult to clean and sticks to things, so you want a clean workplace and disposable mixing tools, as well as protective gloves.

It doesn’t stick toeverything, which is why it can be molded into independent shapes so well, but it sticks to most surfaces and materials. Epoxy projects are usually done using very smooth pouring or smoothing techniques.

What can you make with epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin doesn’t stick to silicone, so it’s often used to make smoothly transparent jewelry with colors or small decorative things suspended beautifully within it.

It’s also hard and durable once it’s dried, so it’s often used as a seal to protect surfaces of all kinds — from glittered coffee tumblers that you don’t want shedding sparkles, to countertops that you want to be nice and even but also easy to clean, to unique homemade floors and tabletops that you want to seal so that things like mosaic techniques aren’t damaged with wear.

What else can you use in epoxy resin projects?

People use epoxy resin in combination with all kinds of other crafting supplies.

  • You might create a mosaic from broken china, coins, or guitar picks and use epoxy to fill the uneven spaces between the pieces.
  • You might seal loose glitter, confetti, or printed photos in place on the surface of something to prevent peeling or shedding.
  • You might also suspend beads, real leaves, and flower petals or dyes and droplets of paint in epoxy resin in your jewelry-making endeavors for a unique, creative style.

Who should use epoxy resin?

Because epoxy resin involves corrosive ingredients that react to one another and adhere to so many things, it requires a certain level of care, patience, and skill. It is therefore not necessarily recommended for children unless you’re there to help them by mixing and pouring or smoothing it for them while they help you with the creative details of your project that come before and after those steps.

Safety at all times

While epoxy resin isn’t necessarilydangerous to use, itis something that requires a few protective measures. You should set down a protective paper or plastic cover on your tabletop before you start because epoxy resin will stick in the event of a spill and can’t be removed. The same goes for putting an apron or paint shirt over your clothing.

You’ll also want to wear rubber gloves while you work; epoxy resin can also stick your skin, and, particularly if your skin is sensitive, it can be very irritating and slightly corrosive. If you’re sensitive to smells, we’d also suggest wearing a crafting or carpentry mask, as it has quite a strong chemical smell.


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