DIY Pom Pom Muffin

If there’s one little crafting element that I can say with confidence that I have always loved since I was a child, I’d have to say that that’s absolutely yarn pom poms!

By Jon Doe

I’ve been collecting simple pom pom based crafts lately, that’s how we found ourselves making pom pom muffins and cupcakes!

Materials Needed Purple yarn A red crafting pom pom Scissors A glue stick Paper cupcake liners

Let's make DIY Pom Pom Muffin

Step 1

Make your pom poms: Make the base of your pom pom! Start by cutting a piece of yarn about six inches long. Fold it in half so its loose ends meet and the other end bends at the halfway point and creates a loop.

Step 2

Put this loop, wit the bend on the same side as your palm, between your middle and ring finger, pulling it all the way down to the base of your fingers, with even excess on either side of your hand.

Step 3

Start wrapping that string of yarn around the full height of all of your fingers held together, building the yarn up like a bundle. You can slide your thumb out once you’ve wrapped enough yarn around your hand to hold the end in place for you. Try not to pull too tightly.

Step 4

Bring the ends and the loop around the bundle to meet each other and slide the ends and loop towards each other. Pass the ends through the loop and tighten it like a slip knot. Carefully slide the whole bundle off the ends of your fingers.

Step 5

Cut and shape: Use your scissors to cut the bundles of yarn loops on either end of the shape you’ve made, on the sides of where you’ve cinched the whole bundle in the middle. This frees the fringed ends of your pom pom so they spring apart.

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